Contest Information and Rules

ALL PURCHASES OF $25+ will AUTOMATICALLY enter you in to win!!!
You can enter more than once, $25 = 1 entry, $50 = 2 entries, etc.... or you can make multiple orders each equaling a minimum of $25 to be entered more than once. 
Please enter your phone number during check out to make it easier to contact you! 
All potential winners for the FREE PUPPY will be carefully screened just as they are when someone purchases a puppy to ensure they go to the best homes!
1. Send pictures of where the puppy will be living
2. Send a picture of your photo ID
3. Provide the phone number of a past or current vet you use and the name(s) of the pet(s) that they have on file
4. Provide us with your Facebook or IG name for us to see who you are
Once you have been approved there is a contract you must sign and send back.
The cost of SHIPPING THE PUPPY IS NOT INCLUDED and price depends on your location. Please make sure this breed is legal in your country!!!